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We've tried a lot of towels, and of course, we still think ours is the best. So to remove our bias from your decision, we asked real Onsen customers to share their feedback.



    “I'm very happy to have found these bars. I received a combo of the shampoo and conditioner as a gift and I loved it so I had to buy refills. I'm really happy with this refill because all the packaging is recyclable and came with absolutely no plastic which is the main reason I switched to shampoo and conditioner bars. They came in perfect shape, no cracking or melting. Each bar lasts me about two months and they smell awesome!! My hair feels super healthy and it has a shine to it that I did not have with liquid shampoos. This is my permanent shampoo!”

  • Tanya Rincon

    “I bought a start-up package of 2 shampoo bars and a conditioner bar. Was very impressed with both products, but feel the conditioner bar is unnecessary, so decided to only refill the shampoo bars. Happy they come in a paper package and not wrapped in plastic! These bars have a faint, nice smell, makes a great lather, cleans hair and leaves it nice and shiny. And they last FOREVER! I wash my hair every day and I am just at the end of my first bar after almost 5 months of use... Thanks for making a great product!!!”

  • Amazon Customer

    “I waited for just over a month to see how long these little guys will last-on the right you see the disc I have been using, on the left a brand new one. I used it to wash my hair at least 6 days a week, and my hair is about half-way down my back, although not thick. The lather is rich, and it doesn't weigh my hair down. I definitely need conditioner afterwards, but I expected that. I have no doubt that each disc will probably last about 3 months. Maybe I'll update then!”

  • Michele

    “These are the best shampoo bars I've tried. We have extremely hard water and they lather up great. I have long, thick hair and one bar lasts my husband and I for one month, with me shampooing every other day and him every day. They are perfect for travel, too. The ingredients are natural and the packaging for the refills is earth friendly. I reuse the plastic container that came with the first order for travel.”

  • Cindy

    “This is an excellent product. The soap has loads of suds and doesn't leave a residue in my hair. My thin hair hasn't had this much life and body in years! I like that there is no plastic packaging and no palm oil. I've found a new shampoo for my family.”

  • Kay Kromm

    “This is a great alternative to conventional shampoo. Less waste and great for travel. The shampoo cleans the hair nicely and there is no build up which weighs down the hair or makes it feel greasy. It is easy to comb through the hair after washing it (my hair is about chin length) so no conditioner needed. I do wish the scent was a little stronger, but overall I am very pleased with this and would buy it again.”

  • Anja

    “I've been using these bars for about eight months ago when I purchased a kit with 2 shampoo bars and a conditioner bar. I adore the shampoo. My hair is fine and prematurely white grey. I've almost stopped using purple shampoos because these bars dont yellow my hair. Given how long 2 bars have lasted, 3 bars could last a year.”

  • Varina

    “I love this shampoo, from the scent to the lather, it's magnificent. The size isn't always consistent, but I can live with that. I'm so happy to not be using shampoo and conditioner out of large plastic bottles anymore. My hair feels great after using the shampoo and conditioner, and it's working beautifully when I color my hair, too! I think it would be fantastic if they could come up with a metal or bamboo container to keep them in instead of the little plastic holder.”

  • Juliet Hauser

    “I love this shampoo bar. It is the second brand I have tried and it is my favorite. The texture is nice and the it is lasting months. I will order it again and again.”

  • Joan

    “I love this product. Easy to use. Easy to travel with. And great for the environment. My hair hasn’t felt or looked better.”

  • Mat

    “Love the smell (coconut lime)! And it makes my hair feel clean and soft!”

  • Charity

    “Love these! Have used for the past six months and my hair is so luxurious!”

  • Amazon Customer

    “I am still using these and love them. Thick lather and clean hair. What more could I ask for?”

  • Kaile

    “Everyone in my family loves this shampoo/conditioner, including my kids. The only thing is I wish the bars came in bigger sizes--it gets harder to use when we get to the last bits and I feel like less of it might melt away with a bigger bar. Thank you!”

  • Grace Park

    “Bought for an extended vacation with lots of customs and airport checks without checked bags. So I had to travel without liquids This product was amazing. Excellent everything. I expected less than my regular shampoo especially with beach hair. But I was wrong. So wrong. This stuff was amazing. Both shampoo and conditioner out performed our regular product for my husband and myself. Plus lasted three weeks for two people showering multiple times a day (after dives and beach trips). The travel container w raised nub was a great soap saver. This is now our regular daily product. Love the lime scent. It’s my favorite.”

  • LanMom

    “I bought this soap because I was fed up with commercial shampoos. Most contain too many ingredients and I have allergies to many ingredients. Even the "natural" shampoos have too much in them. Another problem I have with regular shampoos is that I need to put a lot on in order to get a good lather. Not with this little soap bar. A few quick swipes on my hair and I get a nice soapy lather!! And with only a few ingredients, you can't go wrong. I've used this twice so far and i'm happy with it! I have not noticed any weird residue or waxiness. Will continue to purchase.”

  • Bee

    “I have tried several shampoo bars and these are the best! When I first opened the box, I was overwhelmed by the scent but once the bar is out in the air, it smells pleasant and does not leave a strong scent in your hair. This bar lathers quickly and the soap rinses out well. Some of the other bars I've tried, leave a residue. I'm not sure how long each bar will last, but I set mine on a section of loofah sponge when I'm done, so it can dry.”

  • Cherie40

    “Love the shampoo bars! Smell amazing and clean my hair easily. Only con is the plastic box they are packaged in. Would prefer biodegradable, as purpose for shampoo bars is to reduce plastic waste. Besides that, am completely happy with purchase and will buy more if packaging is changed.”

  • Millie

    “We have been using these products for a year now, and have reordered regularly. The product is great and very convenient. We like not having to throw away plastic bottles every time we're done with our shampoo. Very convenient for traveling.”

  • S.M.

    “Love how this cleans my dry, wavy, colored hair. Leaves it soft and makes my scalp feel clean. Its a lovely light, fresh lime scent. I can go 3 days before shampooing. No heavy waxy feeling like some organic shampoos.”

  • LJ

    “I have recently switched to shampoo bars. I was hesitant to try a new bar but the one I had been using was very expensive. I love these coconut lime bars! My hair is less greasy and feels healthier overall.”

  • Bonprehoda

    “Very happy with this product. I read some reviews that described a strange feeling before it levelled out. But, I didn’t experience that at all and love the feel.”

  • Susan

    “This is the first shampoo bar I have tried and I love it. It smells great and lathers up quickly.”

  • Chris King

    “This is the refill, no container included, which is what I wanted. I have containers I can use. The bars smell delicious and are packaged in pretty pink tissue paper. Instructions and ingredients are included on a card so there is minimal packaging. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week so today will be only the second time using the shampoo bar and I am looking forward to it. The first time I used it my hair was soft and easy to manage. I did use a light ACV rinse afterwards just as a precaution because I always do when trying a new shampoo bar. (Some bars leave a residue) I am going to try using it without the rinse today. ”

  • Linda Lou C