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About Us

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Our mission

is to help you create “In-Store" Experiences that keep your customers coming back, again and again.

How do we do this?
Interactive Experiences:

We’ve found that when customers can smell, touch, and feel products, it awakens all of their senses, making them much more likely to purchase. Our Mix-and-Match Experiences allow customers to either choose or create their own bath and body experiences.

High-Quality Products:

We provide the highest quality bath and body products. All products are Made in the USA, all-natural, vegan, cruelty free and also free of parabens, dyes, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Offering the best quality products and a fun experience, keeps your customers coming back for more.

Strong Profit Margins:

As a high-volume operator, we’re able to offer great pricing on the highest quality products. This means profit margins of 61-76% when using our standard recommended pricing.

Good for You and the Earth:

Your customers get to buy products that are both good for them and good for the environment. All of our product systems are designed to be either re-usable or re-cyclable. Whether it’s one naked shampoo bar, that saves 3 plastic bottles, or a bath salt shaker that customers bring back to your store to refill. You and your customer can know that all of our products are good for both the human body and Mother Earth.

Supporting Our Comunity & Our Children

At Sweet & Sassy®, we are active community partners. Giving back to our neighbors and the world is a big part of who we are and the values that drive our business every day.

We are proud to work with two very special charities:
We give a minimum of 15% of our profits (often more) to CICM each quarter. Our sister company, Sweet & Sassy Franchising gives back the same percentage to CICM and is also a strong supporter of Wigs for Kids.

About our Sister Company

Sweet & Sassy Franchising

Increase revenue each quarter using Sweet & Sassy proprietary tools like the Money Finding Maximizer®

Share best practices and ideas with your franchisee peers through Peer Group Push-ups®

Earn from 3 cross-selling revenue streams while creating Wow! Customer Experiences

GiveBack! to the world - 15% of Sweet & Sassy profits go to the Central India Christian Mission

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